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   Which insurance plans we currently accept


All regular employer/government health plans- Traveler's, Metropolitan, Tricare, AARP, Federal/State government plans, EICON (Employers Insurance of NV), OWCP

HMO's  (health maintenance organizations)   HHP   (Hometown Health Plan) , PCA (Primary Care Associates), Senior Care Plus         St. Mary's Health First, Health Plan of Nevada, Northern Nevada Health Network, Alden, Aetna, Cigna,UICI, Beckwith-Hightower, Humana, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, US Healthcare, Universal, United Healthcare, Superior Healthcare and many others. Call us if your plan is not listed here.

PPO/EPO's (preferred provider organizations)- HHP, St Mary's Preferred, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare, Coordinated Care Options (CCO-PPO) and most other national and local plans including union plans (machinists/pipe-fitters/laborers/electricians/operating engineers etc).

Point of Service Plans- ALL open access plans

HSA's Health Savings Account plans- although not strictly an insurance plan, patients that will be paying for their care out of an established HSA either by check/debit card etc are encouraged to ask us about our fees which are negotiable (and among the most competitive in the area). We are always willing to consider any reasonable offer and we typically give a 20-30% discount for health care consumers managing their own costs. A standard or "global" fee which will include the surgeons fee and 3 months of post-operative care with all office visits, X-rays, and physical therapy can be packaged in a customized plan for each patient for one price. Payment options can include a down payment with interest free monthly payments or payment in full after surgery (usually with an additional discount from 5-10%). Please mention this option to your doctor who can schedule a conference with our practice administrator and billing department to obtain price quotes.

All Workers' Compensation plans (ie Liberty Mutual/EICON and California state plans)

Medicare and Medicaid (including associated HMO's; NevadaCare, FamilyCare, and SeniorCare) We currently are accepting new patients but may be forced to change this policy in the future

Payment plans are also available for patients without insurance. An initial "good faith" deposit ($200) is usually required at the first office visit. NO PATIENT WILL BE DENIED CARE IF SEEN BY OUR DOCTORS IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM.

Call us if your plan is not listed here.



  • Office patient visit fees are charged based on the complexity of your problem and are billed in the range of $50-$200. Co-pays are required at the time of service.

  • Office X-rays fees are billed separately based on the number of films and include the doctors fee for evaluating the studies.

  • Fracture Care is usually billed under a special "global fee" (like surgery) that includes all the office visits/cast application and removal  necessary for the routine care of the broken bone for 90 days (apart from office X-rays). This will appear on your bill as "surgery" even for a fracture treated with a cast or brace. Sometimes the charges will seem excessive (ie $700 for a child with a "simple" broken arm) but are usually less expensive than a series of separate bills for each office visit/X-ray/cast.

  • OA Surgery bills include only the surgeons fee and 10-90 days of routine post-operative office visits. The Hospital/Surgery Center fees, anesthesia doctor fees, lab fees, X-ray fees from the facility are separate.

  • Hospital studies and procedures (X-ray/CAT scan/MRI/lab tests/nerve blocks/epidural injections) are billed separately by the facility where performed and may include a radiologist/anesthesia doctor fee.

  • Physical Therapy fees are billed separately with a co-pay required.

  • Email your questions to mailto:billing@orthodocsreno.com