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         Surgery Scheduling         

SURGERY SCHEDULING IS FLEXIBLE AND MAY BE CHANGED DEPENDING ON YOUR REQUESTS, YOUR DOCTORS CASELOAD, OR THE HOSPITALS/SURGERY CENTER SCHEDULE. Please be aware that emergencies do occur and your case may need to be rescheduled. Most often it will be only a time change on the same day. Some tips to avoid problems:

  • Please bring your paperwork to the hospital on the day of surgery- All hospitals/ surgery centers require written documents to place on your chart before going to the operating room i.e. History/Physical exam form, consent form, lab work, etc. Losing these papers can delay your surgery. 
  • Stay in touch with your doctors medical assistant- Our office staff can assist you in arranging dates for preoperative tests and office visits. Time off from work/school both before and after surgery is based on your specific surgery and will be determined by your doctor. You will receive written confirmation of your work status.
  • Preoperative instructions are IMPORTANT!-  At your pre-op office visit you will be given paperwork and directions to the lab for required tests before surgery. You MUST have these tests done before your surgery date, many times within 10 days. This is to ensure you do not have active medical problems i.e. infections, low blood counts, etc. before undergoing anesthesia or major/ minor surgery (NO SURGERY IS MINOR). Your surgery may be postponed if results are abnormal.
  • Informed consent for surgery is essential- This document verifies that you understand the risks, benefits, possible complications, and alternatives to surgery for your case. Your doctor provides detailed information specific to your surgery many times over the course of your treatment. Unfortunately, studies have shown that many patients do not remember this information, probably due to stress over the upcoming operation, the amount of info, or other concerns. Please write down your questions before the office visit. Our Medical Assistant's can provide general information over the phone both before and after surgery but always ask your doctor

    • Please be on time- Although unexpected delays do occur it's always better to be early. The first surgery of the day is usually at 7:30am and most hospitals require you to arrive 2hrs prior to allow time to assemble your chart, nursing evaluations, and possibly repeat any lab work, as well as your evaluation by your anesthesia doctor. If your surgery is scheduled later in the day you may be called to come in early by the hospital staff due to a prior case cancellation, etc. Please ALWAYS be available by phone the day of your surgery. Arrival time at the hospital will be determined at your preop office visit by your doctor. Our Medical Assistant's will give you this information and you should always arrive at the instructed time which may be earlier than instructions from the hospital.
  • Insurance and Workman's comp carriers can delay surgery scheduling- Although we strive to schedule your surgery date as soon as possible, delays do occur. Many insurance plans have pre-approval requirements before tests and/or surgery are scheduled. We always complete the paperwork and submit requests in a timely fashion but case review before approval is common especially with HMO's. Your Primary Care doctor or insurance plan office may be the source of any delay. Your surgery scheduler can keep you up-to-date on the status of your case.
  • Joint replacement patients can attend the pre-operative instruction class at the hospital- these classes are free and provided multiple times per week for patients having hip/knee replacement surgery. Meet with fellow patients, learn what to expect after surgery and bring lots of questions for our joint replacement nurse specialists. Go to Medical links for web links to your hospitals homepage and navigate to the joint replacement class page.                                 

Are you awaiting a surgery date or do you have specific questions about your procedure or your share of hospital/doctor charges?

Please call us.