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  Office Staff    


The front desk receptionist, is the first person you're likely to see when you check in for your appointment. One of our Medical Assistants may be asking you about allergies or taking off your cast.

  Office Manager/Practice Administrator

  • Jeannee Shumway, a member of the Orthopaedic Associates team since early 2003 runs the day to day operations of the Medical office under the direction of the current Managing Partner physician. Jeannee previously directed the Sierra Regional Spine Institute and has extensive experience in medical systems management. She has  experience in all aspects of accounting and business administration and currently teaches Medical Practice Administration at Morrison University. Her expertise is always available to help resolve patient issues related to their interactions with Orthopaedic Associates. Contact her at 786-9992 or Email administrator@orthodocsreno.com.  

  Our Practice Administrator, Jeannee, can always help with patient concerns.


Billing Department Manager

  • Daphne Hubbard has been a part of our team since 2004 and is responsible for the submission of billing statements to insurance carriers and patients and serves as our Coding Compliance Officer. Her voluminous knowledge of medical accounting and billing practices, electronic claims submission, orthopaedic coding, and collections, makes her a critical part of the management staff at Orthopaedic Associates. She currently coordinates a staff of  billing/coding specialists to ensure correct diagnosis and surgery codes are reflected on patient billing statements. Should you have questions about your surgery or office visit bills, insurance co-pays or current balance statements please call her at 786-9992 or Email billing@orthodocsreno.com. 

Medical/Surgical Assistant Staff

  • Our multifaceted Medical Assistants will help you in numerous ways including taking brief medical histories, assisting in brace application and casting and will be your primary point of contact regarding medical problems in direct communication with your doctor. They are responsible for calling in prescription  renewals under the direction of your physician and will determine the type of problem you are having and if you need an emergency appointment with your doctor.
  • These trained paraprofessionals are an integral part of your treatment team and can direct you to other specialists or your primary care physician and in certain instances refer you to the Emergency Room for urgent care when your doctor determines that is necessary.
  • Certified Surgical Technicians will assist your doctor in the operating room ensuring the correct equipment is available and your procedure begins without delay. They are an important interface with the operating room staff at the various hospitals and have detailed knowledge of the surgical procedure your doctor is performing.
  • Our certified X-ray Technicians will escort you to the radiology suite to obtain the imaging studies required to evaluate your condition. They will ensure that the appropriate safety precautions are observed to prevent unnecessary radiation exposure and will always inquire if you are pregnant.

Front Office Staff

  • Reception and scheduling staff are your first contact with Orthopaedic Associates and are some of the most important members of the team. You will find them at all times willing to help with courtesy and professionalism.
  • Scheduling appointments in a busy medical practice can be time consuming as we try to accommodate all patients. You will NEVER hear voicemail at Orthopaedic Associates so please be patient with busy signals. Our goal is always to answer in less than 4 rings and limit your time on hold to less than 30 seconds.
  • Surgery/Test scheduling is an important function of our Medical Assistants who obtain the approval of your insurance plan for tests and surgery. You will maintain close telephone contact to ensure the timely scheduling of your surgery and/or your tests, i.e. MRI scans/epidural injections etc., that fits your schedule and the availability of your doctor. Click here for the Surgery scheduling page for more detailed information.
  • Our answering service is available by dialing 786-3380 when the office is closed before 8:00am ,during lunchtime (~1130am to 1:00 pm) and after 4:00pm. Your doctor or the on-call doctor will be paged to answer your emergency calls.